Vacuum Tribometer
Vacuum Tribometer
Tribology and Mechanical Testers for Research & Development and Industry
  • 10-6 torr Vacuum
  • Close loop down force control and friction measurement
  • High speed tests
  • Vacuum compatible sensors
he vacuum tribometer chamber is made of ultra high vacuum compatible material. The chamber is made up of one part without any welds to prevent leaks. The vacuum is completely controlled by the software. The viewing window at front gives clear view of the test area.
Automatic Stribeck Curve
Vacuum tribometer can automatically plot friction vs load/velocity curves. This curve helps in comprehensively differentiating different samples.
Dual step pumping system with advanced controller
The setup consists of two step pump. It takes less than 15 minutes to reach 10-1 torr and less than 1 hour to reach 10-5 torr vacuum. The dedicated pump controller is a solid state frequency converter which is driven by a single chip microcomputer. The controller automatically powers the pump cooling
fan and drives the vent valve
Dual step pumping system with advanced controller
Modular Design - Based on MFT Platform
Nano, Micro, Macro range

Based on our famous MFT platform the vacuum tribometer can run several other non vacuum standard tests such as fretting, four ball,
ball/disk/ pin/ring on disk/plate etc. on same tester

  • Tribology
  • Indentation
  • Scratch
  • Mechanical
  • Imaging
Pin/ball/disk on disk, aerospace, coatings, thin films, decorative coatings, Mems, DLC, friction less coatings etc.