Multi Function Tribometer - Tribometer + 3D Imaging

Few Features

  • nN to 5000 N of Load
  • High Temperature
  • Ball on Disc, Pin on Disc
  • Linear Reciprocating, Block on Ring
  • Several ASTM/DIN/ISO tests

Few Applications

  • Lubricant, Oil & Fluid testing
  • Material Research (metal, ceramics, polymer, bio materials)
  • Coating testing

Single Function Tribometers

Fretting Tester
Fretting Tester
  • Voice Coil,
  • Piezo Actuators,
  • Up to 500Hz
  • Few microns Stroke
Vacuum Tribometer
Vacuum Tribometer
  • Ball on Disk
  • Pin on Disk
  • 10-7 Torr Vacuum
High Torque Block On Ring + Pin On Disk Tribometer
Universal Tribometer
  • 10 times higher torque
  • Ball, pin, disk on disk
  • Block on Ring (upto 100mm rings)
  • Upto 200C Temperature
Nano Tribometer
  • nN to 10N load
  • 0.01 to 10,000 RPM
  • Pin, Ball on disk

Nano Tribometer
  • Automatic Multiple tests
  • Several inline monitoring sensors - Image, video, acoustic, force, speed, position etc.
  • Custom programmable motions in XYZ axis (simulate real operations).

What is Tribometer?


Tribometer is an instrument that measure friction, wear, coefficient of friction i.e tribology properties between two surfaces in contact. Dependent on the load and environmental range it can be categorized into several areas such as

  • Universal tribometer - a multi functional tribometer that has interchangeable modules to do several tests on same platform (it can combine several of above testers features on same platform)
  • Nano tribometer - tribometer that works at low and ultra low load range
  • Vacuum tribometer - tribometer that performs testing under vacuum condition
  • Fretting tester - tribometer that allows to perform high speed testing under small oscillatory displacement
  • Ultra high torque tribometer - for testing materials, samples that generates ultra high friction

Rtec-instruments offers new generation tribometers that can run several standard tribological and mechanical tests on same platform. Sturdy design, multi mode close loop force control, high end electronics, equipped with various in-situ characterization techniques and easy to use software makes Rtec tribometers to be reliable, precise and user friendly tester.They are used both by industry and academicians all over the world.

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