With a team of over 40 years experience Rtec-instruments brings innovation and silicon valley technology to your door step. We specializes in manufacturing high tech instruments and strive to connect the scientific community together. Please visit our product pages for more information.

Scientific Instruments

Rtec-instruments is a leading producer of scientific instruments. Our instruments are used by several industries, research centers and universities across the globe

Nano , Micro and Macro tribometers integrated with profiler, AFM, Raman spectrometer etc.
Sub nm resolution 3D Optical and contact profilometers
Stress tester
Residual stress measurement for thin and thick films at controlled environmental conditions
Scratch & Indentation tester
Nano mechanical tester that can do nano indentation, scratch and imaging on same platform
Polishers and Slurry
CMP polisher, grinders and slurries
High Temperature Indentation
Unique high temperature micro indenter that can calculate hardness of materials upto 1600C.