Nanoindentation Tester


Our precision, high resolution nanoindenter offers robust design, traceable calibration, closed loop operation and unmatched accuracy. Thanks to solid theoretical base, it can be deployed with ultra low loads or high load.

This nano indenter is a versatile instrument that can do indentation , scratch testing and imaging. It allows to calculate hardness, modulus, etc. against the depth of coatings. The instrument is based on the technique of Depth-Sensing Indentation (DSI), monitoring the function of load continuously. Accuracy and data precision is assured by having the negligible thermal drift.

Load choice in nanoindenter depends on the properties like tip, surface roughness, coating thickness, etc. The system allows for several standard nanoindentation tests to be conducted on the same platform.

The tester has a PC software package ensuring automated data acquisition, storage and evaluation. The instrument allows indentation multiple places across one or multiple samples.

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