Fretting Tester

Fretting Tester
Fretting Tester
Tester for Research & Development and Industry
  • High speed wear, friction testing
  • Voice coil, piezo based actuators
  • Proprietary high frequency controller, algorithm and sensors
What is fretting?
Fretting wear is a tester where surface damage occurs between two contacting surfaces experiencing oscillatory displacement of small amplitude. At the contact point, lubricant/coating is squeezed out, or debris is accumulated that results in metal-to-metal contact. The low amplitude motion does not permit the contact area to be relubricated/debris dislodge, serious local wear occurs. This type of wear causes two-body abrasion, adhesion and/or fretting fatigue wear. Fretting wear when done in a corrosive environment, greatly accelerates wear.
Fretting Actuator Selection
Piezo Drive
Piezo Drive
  • Upto 10N
  • Upto 500Hz
  • Sub micron Upto 1mm
Voice Coil
Voice Coil
  • Upto 3000N
  • 300Hz
  • Sub micron to 4 mm
  • Upto 5000N
  • Upto 70Hz
  • 30 micron to 30mm
Platform Specification
  • Floor Standing
  • Range Nano nN to 3000mN, Micro 3000mN to 30N, Macro upto 5000N (*more ranges available)
  • High Resolution Encoders
  • Sturdy Heavy Frame

Controller and algorithms
Data showing real time force control and displacements

Proprietary controllers and embedded algorithms to acquire data and i n real time control strokes at high frequency allows the fretting tester to achieve high repeatability and precision.

Automatic Stribeck curve
The fretting Tester can automatically plot friction vs load/velocity curves at different temperature and humidity. This curve helps in comprehensively differentiating different samples.
Environmental Chambers
The tester comes with controlled environmental chambers.
180C Tribo Corrosion Chamber
180C Tribo Corrosion Chamber
Fretting, Cylinder on cylinder, piston ring liner, lubricant, metal working fluids, wear, coatings, thin films, DLC, friction less coatings etc.