High Temperature Indentation
Rpo-8 is the best alternative to develop CMP processes, polish wafers economically. Its highly flexible for both research and semi production kind of environments.
  • Interchangeable heads upto 6 inch wafers
  • Close loop down force control
  • Insitu and ex site conditioning
  • Standard processes and consumable delivery
  • Main Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) is a process that is used for the planarization of wafers, materials etc. Polishing takes advantages of the synergetic effect of both physical and chemical forces for polishing of wafers. This is done by applying a load force to the back of a sample while it rests on a pad. Both the pad and sample are then counter rotated while a slurry containing both abrasives and reactive chemicals is passed underneath.
Both insitu and ex situ conditioning
Wafer Size
Easy to interchange various wafer holders that allows to polish samples from 1inch to 6 inch on same tester
Independent Programmable pumps to supply slurry, water and other chemistries
Consumables and Consultation
We not only supply the instrument but also supply consumables (slurry, pads etc.) for standard polishing materials and provide consultation through our highly qualified team of scientists on process development and optimization.
  • Manual wafer loading
  • Easy to interchange carrier head (6, 5, 4 inches etc.)
  • Close loop down force control
  • Max down force 150Kgf (or 0.049Mpa for 8inch wafer)
  • Minimum foot print in this class
  • Easy operation by TFT color touch panel
  • Optional carrier for MEMS, low k material can applied extremely low down force control
  • Recipes storage
  • Sweeping in-situ and ex-situ conditioning
  • Polishing
  • Slurry development
  • Particle development
  • Process development
  • Pad characterization
  • Condition development