Indentation and

Scratch Tester

Rtec Instruments’ benchtop instrumented indentation and scratch tester provides surface characterization. At nano and micro force ranges, the SMT-5000 analyzes hardness, modulus, adhesion, and more. Characterize surfaces with confidence with the in-line 3D profiler and film thickness probe.

UP Series

3D Optical Microscopes

Mechanical and surface testing analysis and characterization with a click of a button. High-speed cameras with the highest X, Y, and Z resolutions in the market. Analyze any surface and characterize roughness, step height, topography, defects, and more. Additionally, our profilometers combine confocal, interferometry, dark field imaging, and more.


Vacuum Tribometer

Mechanical characterization under a vacuum environment.
Including a 10-7 Torr vacuum with a temperature range of -150°C to 1000°C.


Multi Function Tribometer

This mechanical and surface testing instrument evaluates friction, wear, and mechanical properties. Furthermore, our tribometer analyzes the surface topography of materials, coatings, and assesses lubricants. With the broadest testing range on one platform, the MFT-5000 is versatile, easy to use, and provides 3D imaging.

fft series

Fretting Testers

Rtec Instrument fretting testers contain breakthrough technology in voice coil control. Notably, the high-frequency signal analysis allows for versatile fretting wear tests. For instance, the FFT series reach a wide range of loads, speeds, strokes, and temperatures.

Characterize Coatings, Lubricants, Materials, and More

Rtec Instruments Main Products

We provide a mechanical and surface testing instrument for every application.

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