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3D Scratch Tester

Scratch Testers with integrated 3D Profilometers for determination of coating adhesion, scratch resistance, and mar resistance in Research, Development and Industrial Quality Control

Integrated 3D Imaging

3D Inline Profilometer measures roughness, depth, crack and more. Sub nano meter performance

Modular Design

Mix and match module per need
Nano to macro range
Easy to add new modules in future

Scratch Tester

Closed Loop Force Control

Closed loop force control helps to ensure reproducible scratches.


Perform multiple ASTM, ISO, DIN tests
Add modules any time


Scratch setup with Profiler


Scratch Setup with Rockwell TIP


Scratch with Cutting Tool

Stitched 3D Image


Cross Section Profile

Friction, Wear, Coating Failures Data Corelation


Interchangeable Modules on Same Platform

This gives the flexibility to do scratch at any range on the same platform. Effortlessly swap the heads with our Fast exchange mechanism. 

Nano Scratch NS100

Coating Thickness < 1000nm
Max Down Force 1000mN

Micro Scratch MS100

Coating Thickness < 5 microns
Max Down Force 50N

Macro Scratch HS100

Coating Thickness > 5 microns
Max Down Force 200N

Inline Imaging 

The sample automatically moves under optical profilometer and creates a 3D stitched image. The optical profilometer is specifically optimized for scratch test. The head allows to measure steep scratch slopes, transparent coatings (glass etc) and measure roughness, volume wear, method of failure etc. with sub nm resolution.


  • White Light Interferometer
  • Turret


  • Optical Microscope


  • Confocal + White Light Interferometer
  • Turret


  • AFM


Platform offers wide variety and range of sensors including
 Acoustic Emission, Electrical Contact Resistance, Capacitance displacement sensors, Potentiostat and more   

Environmental Chambers

Temperature , Humidity and more

Coating Testing

Scratch Adhesion, hardness, wear, friction and more

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